In the event of infestation call 999 Pest Control for advice and help.

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There are many species of beetle which are pests in Britain.

All these species are often found in the home, office, factory or busines as the adult beetles fly well and can enter the home through open windows and doors, or via lofts and under floor areas. They will sometimes inhabit birds nests.

Once inside the home the adult beetles lay up to 200 eggs on a material suitable as food for larvae. They can feed on a wide range of materials including wool, fur, hair, feathers, scraps of human or animal food and the dried remains of animals or plants. 

Most damage caused by Beetles is during their Larval stage when they are eating.


  • Beetle pests include;
  • Ground beetle
  • Carpet beetle
  • Death watch beetle
  • Tobacco beetle
  • Larder beetle
  • Fur beetle
  • Biscuit beetle
  • Common furniture beetle (WOODWORM)



Beetles are found throughout the UK.

Pest concerns

Beetles can causing many problems to man including;

  • Infesting and contaminating foodstuffs causing real issues to food industries and kitchens
  • Eating materials such as curtains and carpets
  • Eating wood work causing structural damage
  • Beetles can cause serious economic loss to business’s who are infected


Professional help in treating a beetle infestation is highly recommended particularly if you run a commercial food premises. 


In the event of infestation call 999 Pest Control for advice and help.

07775 801190