Bird Management

There are many species of birds which live in close proximity to man and do not cause problems however there some which do and can cause very serious issues to property and more importantly people’s health.

Birds are associated with the carrying and spreading of a large number of diseases which can affect humans.

There are more than 110 pathogens (8 viruses, 55 fungal, 41 bacteria, and 6 protozoa) reported to affect Feral Pigeons alone.

Diseases are transmitted in a number of ways;

  • Air-borne disease
  • Food -borne disease
  • Insect- bourne disease

All birds in Britain are protected by law.


The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 protects all wild birds. I Britain,  It is an offence to kill or injure any birds or their nests or eggs unless acting under a licence and only in compliance with the conditions of that licence. 

A General Licence allows "authorised persons" to undertake certain actions which would otherwise be illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act but only to certain birds in certain circumstances.

“Authorised person” means the owner or occupier or any person authorised by the owner or occupier of the land on which the action authorised takes place.

It is always best practice to seek professional/ expert advice to help in tackling any bird issues you may have.

Pest control issues

Property damage

  • Bird droppings produce ammonia which is known to cause the decay of stone. Other material damaged by bird droppings include, zinc, copper, aluminium, and iron.
  • One big problem caused to property is the build up of droppings, nesting materials, feathers and food debris on and in buildings. (gutters can be vey quickly blocked by birds)
  • Birds can also cause serious problems to food supply and manufacturing companies.
  • Birds are also a real problem to our farming community. A flock of Wood Pigeon can have a devastating effect on a crop. 


  • Bird droppings not only harbour harmful pathogens, insects and mites but they are also very slippery when wet.
  • Gulls are becoming an increasing problem in certain towns, villages and cities attacking people for their fast foods and nesting on roof tops.


  • Where birds roost, nest and perch they will leave fouling (Guano)
  • Birds can be very noisy especially when in large numbers.
  • Pigeons and gulls can drive customers away from outlets such as outside areas in pubs , restaurants and coffee outlets.


Professional help should be sought when dealing with a problem with birds.

In the event of bird management issues 999 Pest Control will need to survey the area to determine the size of the colony, the nature of the nuisance and the most appropriate form of control.


999 Pest Control are experienced and trained in bird management and can help you.  


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