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There are many types of moths living indoors in Britain some of which represent a real problem to man notably;

Brown house moth 

This moth attacks a wide variety of items including, food stores, cereal products, textiles, leather. This moth is a real concern to Curators of museums for its ability to cause serious damage to artefacts. 

Common clothes moth

This moth eats animal based products such as leather, wool, fu. It is also found in food storage premises. 

Indian meal moth

This species is nearly always introduced in contaminated foodstuffs such as peanuts, cocoa beans, dried fruit and some cereals.

Mill moth

This moth is found in homes. It is more closely associated with cereal products.

Brown Tail Moth Caterpillars

These moths can be found in many trees and hedgerows. Larvae of this moth carry minute hairs which can cause serious skin and eye irritations if they come into contact with these areas. Large adult larvae may carry up to two million of these hairs.


Pest concerns

Moths are quite often found in the home. Usually inadvertently introduced in contaminated foodstuffs but can also be found in birds nests.

Although not a risk to health they can cause serious damage (in the larval or caterpillar stage) to foodstuffs, clothing, carpets, wools, fur, leather etc as they will eat any natural fibres. 


  • Spraying with insecticides
  • Electric UV fly killers


In the event of infestation 999 Pest Control will be able to help you.  Contact us for free advice or help on 07775 801190