The Fox

Professional help should be sought when dealing with Fox issues.

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Vulpes vulpes

The fox is a member of the dog family. They are distributed widely throughout Britain where their traditional habitat has been in rural locations. Foxes are now frequently seen in towns and cities where they have found a ready source of food and shelter to breed.

It is however true that foxes can cause problems in both rural and urban locations.

Foxes are mainly active at night however they are regularly seen in the daytime especially in urban areas.


Pest control problems


Most complaints from foxes in urban areas are to do with nuisance (screaming, barking, digging in allotments and gardens, spreading waste from bins and fouling.


Foxes will kill poultry, lambs and small animals including pets such as cats and small dogs.


Foxes have gained a reputation for entering homes and business properties and have been known to attack humans however this is extremely rare.




  • Foxes do carry rabies however this disease was eliminated from The UK in 1903. It is however still an issue on mainland Europe. There are strict control measures on the passage of animals between Europe and The UK to control this disease and the potential reintroduction of it to The UK. In fact there are very strict control measures in the Channel Tunnel.   


  • Foxes can be infected by a condition called “Mange” this is caused by a mite and can be passed to dogs that come into contact with a fox.


  • Foxes can also carry Roundworm (toxocara canis) this can cause blindness in children although there are no known cases of this is The UK.


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Professional help should be sought when dealing with Fox issues.

In the event of concern contact 999 Pest Control for free advice.