Why you need pest control

Pests have the potential to:

  • Contaminate homes and workplaces, spreading disease. 
  • Damage products and foodstuffs, rendering them worthless.
  • Damage property, causing fires and flooding.
  • Ruin reputations, leading to loss of business and prosecution

Prevent contamination and disease

Winter pests

Well its finally arrived! I have been treating wasps nests in November (unheard of) the last one was on the 19th!! a big and busy nest, whose inhabitants had stung thier landlords twice. 

However our traditional winter pests are making an apperance now;

Cluster flies ( rats and mice are all becoming an increasing nuisance.

Give me a call if you need any help with any pests.



Get rid of Wasps

Get rid of wasps fast!

Its that time of the year when wasps are starting to make thier presence and felt!

If you want to get rid of your wasp give us a call now!

07775 801190 Guaranteed results!! 



Rats, rats and more rats!

When will they leave us alone?

Just remember if your feeding birds and cant prevent rats from getting to the feeders or prevent spillage they will want to hang around your garden!

Keep an eye out for unusual holes in or under sheds/buildings and soil disturbance/holes in gardens. They may be nests and we dont want them in our gardens.

Call me if your unsure.

Spring cleaning?

Why not give your sheds and garages a spring good clean.

Throw out old bird food, grass seed (any potential rodent food! Check for rats or mouse nests! Check for evidence of rodents (droppings)

Check for Queen wasps and thier starter nest (golf ball shaped and sized greyish balls hanging up from ceilings or off walls)   

Clean the floors removing rubbish etc.

The tidier your shed the less inviting to pests! 


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